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With all the stress in the world today, send the gift of mindfulness and productivity help anyone stay on track with goals and promote self-care. 

What's Inside:

  • Hard cover daily planner designed to help you stay mindful and on task. Made from DoGood Paper Co.
  • Eco pen which are made of wheat straw, a bio-plastic that makes use of what would have become waste once the wheat is harvested.  Made from DoGood Paper Co.
  • A green tea blend featuring echinacea, to stay healthy and getting on with your day. Made from Tease.
  • 120g Delicious and healthy raw honey.  Made from Highland Farm Honey.
  • Green Rustic Mug.
  • Reaffirm intentions and self-love with a gratitude stone. Leave it in your favourite space or carry with you.

  • 11 x 11 White keepsake box.

Our Signature Bliss Box Touch:

  • Your personal message handwritten on a complimentary greeting card that you choose.
  • All items artfully placed inside a keepsake box, with premium shred and tissue paper.
  • Finally, your gift box is tied with premium satin ribbon and gift tag of your choice.

Your recipient will be sure to have the WOW effect when opening their gift box! 

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